For us a long-term undertaking in principle is about common sense – to combine our responsibility to run a profitable business with our responsibility to hand over a sustainable world to our children, grandchildren and the generations after them. This pervades our entire business, from how we choose materials in our products to our view of quality over throw-away. 

Business system according to ISO9001 quality
and ISO14001 environment

Our outlook is that quality and environment are closely connected. We were the first company in Sweden to be certified for both quality and environment according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 in 1996. The purpose of the business system is to control and develop our work processes with the aim of having satisfied clients, motivated colleagues and good profitability with minimum strain on the environment. We eco-label our products but have also produced our own environmental symbol that we place on products where our own environmental ambitions have come further and on products in categories that normally are not environmentally certified. Download and read more about our environmental work.