Good design starts with the individual

Our design and product development process is unique. Our ideas for new products come about from hundreds of thousands of annual visits and conversations with people at workplaces around the world. We develop, design and visualise the ideas with the help of 3D CAD sketches in the computer and physical prototypes from the 3D printer. The end user, quality and consideration of the environment are all in focus throughout our work. The environmental manager is involved from the start of the process and ensures sensible material choices and production methods. Possible tools that are needed for the manufacture may be produced at the same time as production start. All in all this can take up to three years from the first ideas to a completed product being finally tested and  ready for launching. 

Martin Järte

”We place great importance on the things that surround us in our homes. We should do that at work too where we spend a good deal of our life. For me this good design is all about clarity and honesty. Good design is human. The product should show its function and feel obvious to the user. If this is successful then an attractive appearance comes automatically. The most satisfying thing with design work is when we receive feedback  from workplaces all over the work that  a product functions and is appreciated. Someone somewhere has now a better and more attractive work day.”

Product & Packaging Designer

Title Product & Packaging Designer 
Time at Rahmqvist  Since 2006
Favourite Rahmqvist The light PHOS ATL1
Also likes Architecture, art, history,
Apple, Hay (furniture), POC (sports helmets,  goggles, etc), Propeller (design bureau)

Jesper Rahmqvist

”What drives our design work forwards is achieving the perfect symbiosis between function and form. Many people focus only on the use which leads to dull products. Others invest too much in the appearance so that the function suffers. We don’t give up until everything falls naturally into place. Only then, when the function and appearance go hand in hand, have we reached our goal – a timeless design. A confirmation that our way of thinking about design is successful is that our products work today on totally different markets from Scandinavia to Dubai.”

CEO & Creative Director

Title CEO & Creative Director
Time at Rahmqvist  Since early childhood
Favourite Rahmqvist Many! Phos ATL1, Desktop Sorter System, Acoustic Panel, Eco Paper Clip, Easy Flow, Mineral Paper and Silky Crayon.
Also likes Zound Industries, Apple, favourite all-time designers: Charles and Ray Eames