Welcome to the Rahmqvist family

Here we help each other out to the best of our abilities. And this is very important to us since your own driving force is needed to work with personal sales. If you are prepared to give what it takes, then we will do everything we can for you to succeed!

Situations vacant

Do you also want to work at Rahmqvist? Then not only will you develop as a sales person but will also get the chance to become a specialist who, with the knowledge you have acquired, can help others to have a better work day. The more you know about your field and your products, the better you can help the client. And naturally this is appreciated. That is why we have chosen to divide our business into several different brands, each one specialised within its niche and with its own specialised representatives. You can read more about our brands here.

Life in sales

”I have tried different professions and I have come to realise that I very much enjoy working with people. I also like to develop and this is something I really do as a sales representative at Rahmqvist. It is an exciting and demanding job that allows me to grow both as a person and professionally. The company also has sound values which I share. Rahmqvist is a tolerant company with integrity and safe working environment. It is up to me if I want to succeed. This requires a strong mind, a will of steel and a strong focus on your goals. Welcome to the future!”

Sales for us is actually more about giving advice – offering the client knowledge and service and building relations. So to be a sales person here and represent one of our brands is no simple job. In order to gain the client’s attention and trust, knowledge is needed naturally but also a natural instinct for service and relationship-building. Great commitment and driving force are required from you to be able to work independently.

As a salesperson you also have a very important role in our product development. Your feedback from the clients’ situation is decisive for us to be able to develop unique product concepts.

It is demanding to work for a salary based on commission, especially during the first months before you have established your routines. But you are never alone. That is why we will give you everything you need to succeed – a personal coach, continuous education at Rahmqvist College, support and back-up from our sales support as well as other work tools that are necessary such as a leasing car and an IT system. But most important of all perhaps is that you work with unique product and service concepts that are of the very best quality and class.

Then it is up to you to develop your talents as a personal sales person and help our clients to create a better work day.

We know that our concept works, for today we have around 250 successful sales people. 

To lead and be led

”At Rahmqvist it is important that you dare to be yourself – our products are unique and so are our employees. I personally started in 1999 as a sales person at Rahmqvist and today I am Business Group Manager, with responsibility for the Nordic area and for starting up new business in the rest of Europe. My journey has been fantastic and the support I was given when I started I can now give to others. An example of this is Ørjan, who started at Rahmqvist in 2014 and comes from industry, without any former knowledge of the sales profession.”

Other people talk about freedom with responsibility, but we talk about responsibility with freedom. This means that you have a large amount of responsibility to achieve target goals you have set up with your manager but also a good deal of freedom when it comes to how you want to reach them– how you organise your day and how you want to develop your district and your client relationships.

 Our experience is that trust creates desire, involvement and creativity.                   

Your coach will be with you one day per week during your first three months, and you will also have daily telephone contact. This means that you have a unique close and personal leadership, with practical elements. Your coach helps you to develop and be motivated– and to become a specialist built on expertise and security, which makes it easier for you to confidently find new clients.

 If you show initiative and have the right personal attributes, you will get the chance to develop as a leader, and personally coach a new sales person. Then, you will get the chance to go to the next stage at Rahmqvist College. If you have the right spirit, the road can stretch out ahead of you – sales person, sales manager, team leader or director of sales. It is up to you. 


We think it’s important to use common sense and solid values – and take responsibility and show care both for the environment and each other.

A view that we hope you share.

We want you to enjoy yourself, develop and feel good

We both see and hear you, in a positive way, and we spur you on towards new great achievements.  For us this means in part that we actively work for an upright and honest communication, where we are open to new influences, ideas and thoughts.                                             

In order to maintain a healthy balance between work and private life, we naturally invest a good deal in health-promoting activities so that you, and everyone else within Rahmqvist, feel well, both mentally and physically. That is why we exercise a lot together. For example, we run the Lidingö race together and many sports activities are arranged at all our conferences.

 We also get to know each other in various social contexts and through meetings. Apart from this, we share an interest in an orphanage in South Africa to provide homeless children with a secure place where they can grow up.

 It is important that we find a balance in our lives, that we look after ourselves. Then the tasks we have to solve will be easier. Our size as a company is another way of making us feel we have a secure workplace with economic stability. So if you are looking for variety in your work life, a secure workplace with sound values and many opportunities, then you will enjoy working with us. 

Rahmqvist college – our own school

"The basis for a good career is good basic knowledge. When it comes to sales this is exactly what you get at Rahmqvist College. At the college I want to express that sales are simple, so make it simple. If you can master the grounds then you will have a good career as a sales person within the Rahmqvist group."

We care deeply about sales and development and offer our own complete business school for our employees. All our sales people receive their basic training here. Rahmqvist College focuses on creating personal development as well as increased understanding for and knowledge about our business ideas, philosophy and activities.

 Practical application is a constant thread running throughout our training. All our lecturers are out in the field selling on a daily basis. They have a good deal of experience and solid knowledge about the reality they care deeply about and share. Thus you receive a ”theo-practical” development – with the best of both theory and practice. And in order to give you this, we use only the most knowledgeable people. For these are the ones with the right experience, the right attitudes and the right instincts.



This is how we spur each other on

Motivation is extremely important to us. That is why we need to express ourselves clearly and show each other that we see when someone has done a good job, and say something appreciative. Naturally we also help when we can if we notice that someone needs support.                                                

And we know that this is extremely important for our sales staff. We also know that sales people are often competitive. This means that our sales conferences are extremely appreciated – not just for the rewards, but also for the attention that is given in a social context with colleagues who really understand what is needed to go all the way.

 Every third year our Sales Awards are held on a European level, in between this on a national level. Sales Awards are our personal ”Oscars gala” where we show appreciation and honour our successful colleagues. Apart from this we have conferences and trips where we meet suppliers and together create common experiences that we can then take back with us as inspiration for our daily work. 

We take our responsibility for the environment and for people

Long-term business is all about common sense. It is about operating and developing a profitable company as well as protecting the future. It is actually as simple as that. That is why we were the first company to be certified for both quality and environment according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 – back in 1996.

 The aim is naturally to control and develop our work processes and products so they create satisfied clients, colleagues who enjoy their work and good profitability – whilst simultaneously not encumbering the environment more than minimally. Read more about this here.

 We are also proud of the ’’Rahmqvist Foundation Centre’’ – the orphanage we run in South Africa. It was founded by Leif Rahmqvist because of the children’s situation in the nearby town Alldays. Here at the orphanage, homeless children have a safe place to grow up in, with a roof over their heads, nourishing food in their stomachs, clean drinking water and education including books, help with homework and school uniforms.


Mapungubwe Game Reserve – our own oasis from where we draw our strength and energy!

“When I visited Mapungubwe Game Reserve I went up all the little steps to the little house up on Breakfast Point where you can eat your breakfast or sleep over if you want. The view from the mountain is magical, you can see almost all of Botswana and the Limpopo river winds down below the mountain where the crocodiles swim around peacefully. It kind of gives you another view of existence. An inner calm.”

Mapungubwe Game Reserve is the Rahmqvist group’s conference facilities in northern South Africa. Here we offer inspiration and motivation as the guests experience the African wilderness in a way that cannot be recreated anywhere else. We come here sometimes on sales conferences to celebrate those who have succeeded, to recharge our batteries, plan ahead and be inspired by the unique environment.